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Information on vehicle construction

Publication time:2018-09-19 08:57

The car consists of four parts: the engine, the chassis, the body and the electric appliance.
First, the engine: crank linkage mechanism, gas distribution mechanism, fuel supply system, ignition system, lubrication system, cooling system and starting system.
Second, the chassis: drive train, driving system, steering system and brake system.
The drive train transmits engine power to the drive wheels and is composed of a clutch, a transmission, a universal transmission, and a final drive.
The driving system consists of a frame, a steering axle, a drive axle, a suspension, and wheels.
The steering system consists of a steering gear and a steering mechanism.
The brake system is generally composed of two separate units, the service brake system and the parking brake system.
Third, the body: used to install drivers, passengers and goods.
4. Electrical appliances: It consists of power supply, ignition system, starting system, automobile lighting system, signal system and instrument.