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Lift safe operation procedures

Publication time:2018-09-19 09:07

1. Before use, remove the appliances and debris that are obstructing the work near the lift and check if the operating handle is normal.
Second, the operating mechanism is sensitive and effective, and the hydraulic system is not allowed to crawl.
3. When the vehicle is in the vehicle, the four supporting angles should be on the same plane, and the height of the supporting rubber pad should be adjusted to contact the supporting part of the vehicle chassis.
4. When the vehicle is in the vehicle, the vehicle cannot be over-supported. After the support, the four brackets should be locked.
5. After the vehicle is to be lifted, the lift support block should be adjusted to move to the lifting point specified by the vehicle.
6. Personnel should leave the vehicle when lifting, and when lifting to the required height, the safety lock pin must be inserted and ensured to be safe and reliable before the vehicle bottom operation can be started.
7. Except for the subsistence allowance and minor repair projects, other complicated and cumbersome operations shall not be operated and repaired on the lift.
8. The lifter must not rise and fall frequently.
9. When lifting a car, it should be steady and the landing should be slow.
10. It is strictly forbidden to lift and lift the lift when someone is working.
11. It is found that the operating mechanism is not working, the motor is not synchronized, the bracket is not flat or the hydraulic part is leaking oil. It should be repaired in time and must not be operated with disease.
12. After the operation is completed, the debris should be removed and the area around the lift should be cleaned to keep the site clean.
13. Periodically (half a year) to eliminate the accumulation of water in the lift cylinder and check the oil quantity. If the oil quantity is insufficient, the pressure oil of the same grade should be added in time. At the same time, the lubrication, lift drive gears and slits should be checked.