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Safety procedures for grilling machines

Publication time:2018-09-19 09:12

1. The power supply of the tire machine must be in a normal state. The power supply is in the off position when not in operation. The internal air pressure is at normal pressure, and the air duct is not connected in the non-working state.

2. Check if there is any deformation of the tire frame before replacing the tire, and whether the air nozzle has air leakage and cracks.
3. Unscrew the air nozzle to release the tire pressure, place the tire in the middle of the compression arm, and operate the compression arm to separate the two sides of the tire from the wheel frame.
4. Operate each switch to remove the tire.
5. When the new tires are installed, the tires are lifted upwards, and each switch is operated to install the tires.
6. Each switch is placed in the closed position after assembly.