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Important use indicators of the beam corrector and its preca

Publication time:2018-09-18 17:13

The body correction frame is equivalent to the positioning model when the car is built. It is used to correct some key holes in the bottom of the car. Due to the collision, the size of many holes in the car bottom will change, and the gage size on the correction frame is very accurate. The allowable error is less than or equal to 1mm, so the body correction frame can restore the deformed body to the level of the new car as much as possible, improve the repair quality, and also improve the driving stability and safety of the vehicle.
First, the safety performance of the equipment
The materials, specifications, parameters, manufacturing process and design structure of each component of the equipment are very important. If these factors are not strictly required, there are safety hazards in equipment quality, service life and stability of use, because the equipment The security reserve was not left. At present, the safety problems and reasons for the use of the calibration frame are as follows:
1. Platform deformation: the selected materials, material dimensions, welding processes and methods.
2, chain break: the selected chain is not enough grade, the chain manufacturing process is insufficient, the chain drive mechanism has defects (for example, some manufacturers' chain guide wheels are only a circular groove cut on the wheel, the chain is sliding on the wheel instead of rolling , can not decompose the stress generated when stretching), improper use and other reasons.
3, the column from elastic deformation to plastic deformation: the column is selected for poor material, small size, strength transmission mechanism defects and other reasons.
4. The tower column falls from the platform: the inner track is thin, the size is small, the inner hook plate is small in size, the outer track is narrow, the track thickness is insufficient, and the mechanism design defects (for example, a manufacturer's product can not follow the track at the four corners of the platform). Rotating and rotating, only a little on the track, causing the tower to fall, there are more than a hundred accidents in the country.)
5, the main fixture is not fixed, easy to slip: the jaw material is insufficient, generally 45 steel, the jaws are not enough shape, can not bite the skirt in every direction.
6, the vehicle is not fixed, the skirt (difficult to stretch) is easy to be torn or cause the skirt deformation: less vehicle fixtures, auxiliary fixtures.
7. The tubing is broken: the structure and process of the tubing are insufficient, and the parameters of the high-pressure tubing are not strictly selected. The tubing quality is poor and the tubing is improperly used.
8. The tensile force of the stretching tool is not enough: whether domestic or imported, the strength of the product is very important, the material and manufacturing process are also very important, and it should be used according to the use requirements during the use. (In order to exaggerate the quality of the product, a company promotes the import and changes the maximum tensile force of the stretching tool to the rated tensile force)
Second, the equipment performance
Can the equipment meet the usage requirements? Is it convenient to use? It is an important indicator to measure the function of the device.
1. Work Bench: Can you provide a safe stand? Can it meet the fixed tensile use of the column? For example, the platform-type structural equipment can facilitate the vehicle up and down, which has great advantages over the frame type. However, from the actual needs of repairing the vehicle, any accident vehicle that needs to be repaired on the calibration frame is a big accident, and the vehicle cannot be driven up, even if The so-called cart puller is also very laborious and time consuming in use. In fact, the vehicle is carried by many workers together. The theoretical and practical disconnection is an important aspect that is currently ignored by manufacturers and customers.
2. Tower: Is the column movement safe and flexible? Can it reduce the labor intensity of workers? Can the tower withstand a wider range of stretching? For example, a manufacturer's equipment uses a square platform, tower and platform to move and separate, belonging to the elimination of products, in order to grab the market, to provide customers with low prices, the actual can not be used in the hands of customers.
3. Main fixture: Can the height direction be quickly adjusted and kept consistent? Is it convenient to fix the jaws? Is it possible to adjust the height of the vehicle after fixing?
4. Hydraulic stretching: Is it strong and powerful? Is it smooth? Is it measurable?
5. Measurement system: Is it accurate? Is it convenient to operate? use or not?
1 The vehicle maintenance data of each car company to the repair station is a point-to-point distance. There is no such thing as a three-dimensional space point size!
2 The cultural level of the metalworking factory of the repair shop is not enough to understand the three-dimensional coordinate points proficiently and accurately!
3 The existing model data on the market is mainly based on the American MITCHE company, and its expression is also point-to-point distance.
4 The basis of measurement for each calibration frame manufacturer in China: the center line of the vehicle and the center line of the measuring ruler and the center line of the platform must be heavy
Combined or parallel. This is theoretically feasible, but it can't be done in practice.
5 Whether it is mechanical or so-called laser measurement, even the manufacturers themselves do not understand, and how to let customers understand?
6, a variety of stretching tools: is the equipment complete? It is critical to consider the actual situation of the user.
Third, the body correction frame needs to pay attention to the operation
Carefully choose to repair the positioning reference to correctly determine the direction of traction.
For example: the right longitudinal beam of a car is deformed backwards, the car is driven to the correction frame stand, the lower edge of the car body is clamped with four sets of clamps, and the rear tow hook is fixed with an iron chain or a wire rope at the rear of the car, and Lift the body, the steps are as follows:
1. Remove the front bumper; 2. Install the traction plate; 3. Place the tractor according to the direction of the force; 4. The front guide and the traction plate are connected to each other by an iron chain; Start the front guide, slowly pull the right longitudinal beam out, and hammer the right longitudinal beam with a hammer to reset it; Measure the critical dimensions of the vehicle bottom; 7. Remove the right front fender and repair it; 8. Spray anti-corrosive materials on the underbody.
Special note: In 2006, the body correction frame market was frequent, and many manufacturers, including domestic so-called big brand manufacturers, desperately reduced the specifications of materials and materials, in order to meet the new standards of the Ministry of Transportation 16739. Reduce costs and lower product prices. Take the rectangular tube platform that is ubiquitous on the market as an example: in the past, pipes with a wall thickness of 6 mm were generally used, and some manufacturers of so-called domestic brands have changed the material to 4.5 mm. In the case of the increasing strength of materials used in today's vehicles, the maintenance of automotive sheet metal is becoming more and more powerful. As a service equipment manufacturer outside the automobile industry chain, it is doing the opposite. How can it be done? Guarantee the durable use of this durable product. This is only the simplest part of the body calibration frame. For a whole set of equipment, there are many supporting components, both in terms of quantity and quality, and even the humanized service of the manufacturer. Card Auto Equipment Co., Ltd. draws caution to consumers.