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Water Soluble Paint Booth

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  • Product Introduction
  • Specification

E80 Water-soluble Spray Booth

Outside size

6940X5120X 3300mm(Lx W xH)

Inside size

6840 x 3900x 2600mm(Lx WxH)

Main door

3 folds , 2800X 2500mm (W X H).

Personal door

1fold , 600 x 1800mm(W x H)

Main System


Cabin System

Wall Panel

EPS with double- -ply plate, tongue and groove construction, thickness:50mm.


Galvanized steel assemble,height is 300mm,full grille floor, 3 pieces of ramps,and Floor  520x 1750mm(W xL).


Lighting system

Ceiling lights:8units x 3pieces=24piecesX 16W.

Side light: optional .

Genertor setting type

Side upper intake air, quadrate steel frame, coated steel



2x 4KW double intake centrifugal fans , air capacity:25000m/h





Heating system
(Infrared heating or disel heating)

8units infrared curing lamps for heating ,3 lamp/unit,each lamp 1K W
Total power: 24KW

1set: BT14 oil burner, heating productivity 180000Kcal/h, stainless steel heat exchanger ,working temperature:80℃
Total power:10K W

Filter System

Intake air: preflter ,high efficiency filter(ceiling filter).

Control System

Lighting switch ,spraying, risentemperature spraying ,baking temperature controller,time setting, failure alam