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Pick-up Truck

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  • Product Introduction
  • Specification

Car Frame Machine Model SLD-F8000


Suitable to repair heavy trucks and buses.  H steel                              





Hydraulic power


Power pulling capacity


Tower number

4-6 select

  • Features
1.The equipment is installed in the pit, any accident car can be easily up and down
2. Each tower can provide 25 tons of pull force. Through the pulley installed on the tower column, the tower column realizes a true 360-degree operation and can be stretched in any direction along the platform. There is no dead corner for maintenance.
3.3.9 meters of Gagra tower can effectively repair the distortion of the high position of the driving warehouse
4.American original powerteam imported hydraulic system, strong power, reliable performance, long service life
5.Equipped with a complete sheet metal stretching tool, taking into account any shape deformation correction, easy to use, flexible