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L Series

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  • Features
1.The groove-shaped mesh platform made by the national standard 14# I-beam is used to draw reference to the principle of ground gossip, and the fixed stretching is faster and easier.
2.All the equipment is made of 10mm thick ribbed plate C-type full welding, its tensile strength is much higher than similar products.
3.The twin pull towers can be along the platform 360. The flexible movement and unique roller design make the movement of Lata more stable, flexible, convenient and eliminate dead spots.
4.An embedded tower mast with a combination of aesthetics, convenience, and flexibility has priority in consideration of dismantling during maintenance and maintenance, and at the same time increases the maintenance space of the vehicle body.
5.The guide ring can slide freely on the pull tower, so that the chain can always maintain a linear tension. The chain and the guide ring can be combined more closely and more rationally. The safety is higher and the reliability is stronger.
6.The hydraulic system is far superior to similar products in terms of sealability and stability. Once used, there is no worries.
7.It can debug the vise clamp, the height can be adjusted freely, and the clamping force is large, which can firmly position and clamp the vehicle body.
8.The use of 35 chrome-molybdenum alloy steel heat-treated sheet metal tool accessories, taking into account the arbitrary shape of the deformation correction, can make correction more in place, more convenient and faster.
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