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Car Tyre Changer

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  • Product Introduction
  • Specification
Inter Clamp 8"-20"
Max.Wheel Width 220mm
Max Wheel Diameter 940mm
Air Supply 8-10bar
Motor Parameters 220V 1.1KM/380V 0.75KW
Gross Weight 160Kg
Net weight 130Kg
Dimension 1000mm*820mm*910mm
  • Configurations

1.The hexangular shaft is made of 541 hexangular steel,which can avoid the distortion when operating the stiff tyre

2.Special assembling head for motorcycle

3.Enhanced swing arm,one type six square

4.Adjustable type motorcycle tire special diss

5.Strengthening the desigh of the column,the strength id higher,the scope of application is wide

6.(optional)shovel tire system