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Car Tyre Changer

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  • Product Introduction
  • Specification
Ourer Clamp 10”-20”
Inter Clamp 12”-24”
Max.Wheel Width 450mm
Max.wheel Diameter 1040mm
Air Supply 8-10bar
Motor Parameters 220V 1.1KW/380V 0.75KW
Gross Weight 200kg
Net Weight 190kg
Dimension 1110mm×900mm×920mm
  • Configurations

1、TC-115 Single cylinder type right auxiliary arm tire dismantling machine
2、Power arm system standard single cylinder type, explosion-proof tyre disassembly more labor-saving
3、The front foot detachable, when a fault occurs at the chassis, convenient maintenance.
4、Big shovel using arc design,can move around, by the work of the child can better release the shovel.
5、Alloy disassembly and assembly head, wear resistance, impact resistance, plus protection pad, protecting wheel hub.
6、The clamp is made of special material, strong and durable.
7、(optional) manual pressing tire device to remove the tires, saving time and effort.