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Car Parking Equipment

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  • Product Introduction
  • Specification
Model SLD-P30A/SLD-P30B/SLD-P30C
Machine size 4000*2565*3000mm/4000*2565*3000mm/4000*2565*3000mm
3.Lifting capacity 2300KGS/2700KGSS/3000KGS
Lifting height 2100MM/2100MM/2100MM
Upright Column Height 3000MM/3500MM/3500MM
Inside diameter of vehicle board 3950*2100MM/4166*2100MM/4166*2100MM
Packing Size 3800*800*800MM/3850*1000*970MM/3850*1000*970MM
Machine weight 950KGS/1050KGS/1150KGS
Parking dimensions 5000*1850*1550MM
Lifting speed 1.7M/MIN 2M/MIN
Space height requirement ≥3.6M
Operating mode Button/key/remote control
Controlling mode Electric control/AC 24v
Driving mode Hydraulic drive & chain control balance
Voltage 220v 1 phase/380v 3 phase
Motor power 2.2KW
Surface treatment Spray or galvanize