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  • Product Introduction
  • Specification
Lifting Capacity (kg) 7,500
Fork type Adjustable
Fork Length (mm) 350
Fork width (mm) 240 - 560
Lifting time 75s
Lifting arm length 350mm
Lifting system hydraulic lifting system and microprocessor control synchronization equipment
Lifting height max.1850mm; automatically stops when reaches the maximum height
Motor power 2.2/3.0 kw/column (best/wireless)
Weight 570kg/column (wireless)
Column height 2465mm
  • Product features

1、Movable column lift: wired lifting equipment / wireless lifting equipment
2、Ebright intelligent control system, touch screen
3、32 columns can work at the same time, lifting capacity 7500kg/column.
4、Each column can rise and down independently, or in pairs, or all columns rise and down at the same time.